Request Was Denied For Security Message (due to FreeFliqHQ) REMOVE

For those that are getting Request Was Denied For Security message randomly showing up on your screen it seems to be due to a bug/issue with FreeFlixHQ application.  I have tried some fixes but seems to be still causing issues (slowing down your device) and of course it is annoying seeing the message come up while watching content.

I suggest that you uninstall the application until they fix the app.



Fyi.  . . .   Kodi. 18.0 alpa available on Xbox one.  . Just go to the store and search for it.  . .  I am testing how it works but so far looks good.  

Video proof.  



KODI 3rd Party issues suggest Terrarium TV / MOBDRO +how to install

Since many people are having issues with KODI 3rd party add-ons I wanted to pass some info:

Most recently….

KODI Repos / Addons / Developers that are suddenly down so do not expect them to work unless someone comes up with a work around:
• The_Alpha (dev)
• Bennu (addon)
• jsergio123 (dev)
• urlresolver (addon)
• metahandler (addon)
• Colossus (repo)
• Covenant (addon)
• Ares Wizard (addon)


Many 3rd Party Addons in KODI having issues with search functions

Just wanted to make a quick post concerning many 3rd Party Apps search functions (like years, genre, popular, etc) not working.

As of today what I am using is Covenant (watched  This is Us last night) by using the search… some other add-ons the search functions are not working.  You can also try Elysium but again not all search functions are working (years, genre, popular etc)


How to remove PAIR message, auto play, shorten search time KODI 3rd party addons exodus, elysium, covenant etc

A way to stop the Pair message that has been showing up in Elysium, Covenant, Exodus etc.. also how to turn auto play and change the time it searches for servers.



Picasso 3rd Party Addon for KODI – PIN MESSAGE

I have been getting people asking about the PICASSO   PIN  message that has just started coming up.

I have verified that if you follow their instructions you will get past this screen and can use their Add-on again.

Easiest is to just use your phone or computer to go to their website to get the PIN then type it in.   


No Videos showing up FIX (Elysium,Covenent, etc.)

If  when you are trying to search for something lets say your favorite TV Show under  Covenent/Elysium  etc… and all you get is a picture that looks like the one below…   You might need to change a setting.
















KODI 17.X and higher: How to get back to Aeon Nox: SILVO Mod Skin with all of the addons

For those that might have bought or had me load KODI I wanted to post how to change your SKIN back to Aeon Nox or Aeon Nox Silvo Mod skin that I have been using for a while.  THIS IS FOR KODI 17.X only…  If you have KODI 16.0 and below follow this post  here as the menu is a little different….            

This might happen if you change the skin or possibly if there was an update to Confluence SKIN.  Follow these steps to get you back to my build (this will not work if you deleted KODI data or factory reset your device).

IF  you have KODI  16.X and lower follow this post:


Many KODI 3rd Party changes,more to come

Just wanted to post a quick note to let everyone know that there are and will be MANY changes to KODI 3rd party addons if you have not been seeing all of the YouTube videos.

Long story short a dish network sued which has many addons under them.   Some have decided to remove portions that show live streams, stop supporting their addons, or are not updating to see how the lawsuit goes. 

There is no way that I can go through ALL 3rd party addons but below is some information I have found: (youtube and google searches)



Exodus fix KODI 17

For those that are having issues with exodus not working on KODI 17.1  you can follow these steps (video to follow once I get to a computer):

1.  Go left or right until you see SYSTEM then down to and select FILE MANAGER.

2.  ON the left hand side select PROFILE DIRECTORY

3.  Select  ADDON_DATA