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How to install Mobdro/LiveNetTV

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Until IPTV Service is back up some suggestions of other free Live TV apps. Below is how to install if you have an Amazon device (such as stick/cube/box).. and you do not have them already installed.

To see if you have them already installed from Amazon Main menu go to Settings/Applications/Manage Installed Applications

Step 1 – Go to the home screen of your Firestick/FireTV/Cube etc and go to the far LEFT search icon start typing “DOWNLOADER” if you do not already have the application. Get it/install.
Step 2 – Open the Downloader app, and type in the following in the URL section: and select go.
Step 3 –Find and select one at a time Mobdro/LiveNetTV/SCALBoxTV/FreeFlixHQ, it will download.. after it is done downloading you then go to the bottom and select INSTALL. Once it is done installing you can delete the download and get the other applications listed above. They do not work as well as paid IPTV but it is at least a start until everything is up and running again.

To get to the applications you just installed from Amazon main menu go to Settings/Applications/Manage Installed Applications

Note: If you have an android box you should be able to just go to the URL above download and install them

You CANNOT do this for Apple devices

2 thoughts on “How to install Mobdro/LiveNetTV

  1. How do I change permissions to download unknown sources? My fire stick device is erased of all apps you installed Kodi, Mobdro, Teatv, etc… I tried to reinstall Mobdro but a notification says to go in settings and allow unknown sources to proceed.

    I’m not sure why everything erased. We turned on the Fire stick and it’s back to factory settings.

    1. 1st ensure the apps are not there…
      1. from amazon main menu go to Settings/applications/manage installed applications to check if they are there

      As far as changing permissions…
      From the home screen, scroll to “Settings”
      Scroll to the right and select “Device”
      Scroll down and select “Developer options”
      Select “Apps from Unknown Sources” to turn the option to “ON”

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