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Testing (IPTV)

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Update 10/14 at 1:28PM (Japan date/time) test is having IP block issues which are being worked on standby for anyone using the test.

Update 10/14/2019 at 1:27AM (Japan date/time) … for you football watchers.. all sorts of stuff playing 😉 ensure you follow the below instructions to ensure you have the correct username/pw (if you are having issues) Also wanted to remind you to ensure you are refreshing your channel listings OFTEN…

Update: 10/12/2019 at 345PM (Japan date/time) new m3u address so ensure you check out #4 instructions.

While I wait for the migration of accounts I wanted to at least give people an opportunity to watch live stuff….

NOTE: This is a TEST so all channels WILL NOT BE UP, many need to be added, art etc.. coming

How to setup IPTV Smarters APP (once it is opened)

  1. Select the profiles icon (top RIGHT)

2. Select the add user icon (top RIGHT)

3. Select LOAD YOUR PLALIST OR FILE/URL (1st option)

4. Complete the following

5. Select The profile you just created

6. Select LIVE TV

7. Select Explore ALL

8. Categories will come up.. numbers will change as things are built/added (Hint: if you are looking for a certain channel… click on ALL first then hit the search icon top RIGHT)

Thank you for hanging in there we will be back up shortly…

3 thoughts on “Testing (IPTV)

    1. Standby for the Testing IPTV post….. A couple days ago I gave you a username that started with: 68066….. and PW: that started with 903***** did you try that one?

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