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Kong Flix Service

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Offering free 12hr trials (sorry that is all I was offered to give) to see if Kong Flix service will work for you. This is great for those that like DVR content such as Movies/TV Series past PPV/Football etc.. Just send me an email at: or reply at the bottom of this post so I can send you a username/password. I will not ask for any Credit Card/bank information for the trials… If you are more into Live TV/Live Sports/PPE/Local Channels etc.. check out my posts for Kong TV here: as it is a different service/prices…


Amazon Devices: Amazon TV/Stick/Cube 

Step 1 – Go to the home screen of your Firestick/FireTV/Cube etc and go to the far LEFT search icon start typing “DOWNLOADER” if you do not already have the application. Get it/install.
Step 2 – Open the Downloader app, and type in the following in the URL section: and select go.
Step 3 –Select KONGFLIX.apk or IPTVSmarters.apk  and it will start the download, once it is finished select Install… and then finally open. After that just input username/password if you installed KONGFLIX. If you installed IPTV Smarters you will also have to place the server information as shown in this pictures 4th box.

Apple Devices (iPhone / Apple TV)

Due to Apple limitations the workaround is getting IPTV Smarters from the Apple Store.. just search for smarters and a list should come up so you can get it… and install. Once installed and opened.. select Login with Xtream Codes API

Once you open it…. complete the login as listed below:

  • 1st Block: Any name you want to use as it is your profile name
  • 2nd Block: Username provided
  • 3rd Block: Password
  • 4th Block: You must enter the web address listed below. you must use what is typed in the picture. Once done hit Add User

Windows Computers: You can get IPTV Smarters Version 2.4 for Windows here: (get the demo free version) once you install just use the same information as the picture above to get logged in (of course you ened a username and password)

Web Browser via (iphones/android phones/PC/Mac Computers/tablets etc) STANDBY as I test i tout.


12 Months with 1 connection: $40
12 Months with 2 connections: $60
12 Months with 3 connections:$80
(If you need 4 or more connections let me know so I can figure out the best way to help out)

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